Today : Sun 22 Apr 2018

US Supports and Directs Saudi War Crimes on Yemen

Mon 31 Oct - 09:09
The head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council Saleh Al Samad in an exclusive interview with Al-Alam Channel criticizing international community support of Saudi Arabia crimes against the Yemeni people emphasized that US directing and managing Saudi invasion on Yemen.
US Supports and Directs Saudi War Crimes on Yemen

According to Rapportuer Report From , Al Alam , Link Condemning UN and international community silence to cover up Saudi crimes against Yemeni people said United Nations and the international community are following the desires of Washington and US has managed to fragment the region.

He rejected Yemen request from Russia to involvement in Saudi war on Yemen but praise Moscow condemning Saudi aggression on Yemen.

Formation of Yemen National Savation Government in the coming days

Saleh al-Sammad with the emphasis on the formation of a national salvation government in Yemen during the coming days, said the Yemen Supreme Political Council seeks to regulate the internal situation and the integration of efforts to deal with the aggressors.

Head of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council stressed that General People's Congress and Ansarullah has no arguments on ministerial nominees.