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France efforts to get rid of Le Pen

Mon 17 Apr - 15:49
French judicial system asks for the abolition of presidential candidate, Le Pen parliamentary immunity.
France efforts to get rid of Le Pen

Rapporteur- Farbod Dehghani: Only a week remains until the French presidential elections and fear from extremism is felt more than any other time in the country.

Polls show a close race between extremist party leader Marine Le Pen and Manuel macron, moderate independent candidate. The competition is so close that forecasting final result is somehow impossible.

Marine Le Pen believes in exiting from E.U and NATO, changing the currency from euro to the franc and imposed severe restrictions on Muslims to avoid their entry to the territory of the country.

Many French officials and foreign dignitaries such as the President of France have expressed deep concern about the possibility of the arrival of the Le Pen. In this regard, the French authorities had begun their efforts to Pushing Le Pen back. French judicial system has been calling for the abolition of Le Pen parliamentary immunity.

The judges are investigating the alleged misuse of European Union funds by Le Pen, a member of the European Parliament, to pay for party assistants. Their request was signed on March 29 but only revealed on Friday. A source confirmed it to Reuters.

Even before the latest twist in her legal woes, a lackluster performance in television debates, a campaign that has been more focused on her main rivals and a misstep over France's role in World War Two had all chipped away at her poll ratings.

Though opinion polls still put Le Pen in first or second place in the first round of voting on April 23, her three main rivals are now close enough for any two of the four to go through to the May 7 runoff.(1)