Today : Sun 27 May 2018

Regulations issued loss due to the arrest

Wed 11 Jan - 15:25
According to these regulations, in the event of issuance of false arrest, an individual may request compensation for damages.
Regulations issued  loss due to the arrest

Rapporteur- Farbod Dehghani: Finally, after a long time demarcations, Regulations loss due to the arrest, for the realization of Article 171 of the constitution, was delivered. This can be a crucial step, in order to respect for human rights and citizens. Otherwise, damage to be compensated by the government, and in any case the accused will be rehabilitated. This Regulation was announced to run in the third of January 95, by the head of the judiciary, have been notified in 27 articles and nine amendments.

If someone has wrongly accused you of committing a crime but you have not been charged, it is a good idea to talk with an attorney about the situation and get more advice than the basic suggestions above about what to do and not do. The attorney can give you advice that might be specific to the alleged crime and can be ready and waiting in the event that you are formally charged or arrested.

Now suppose someone you know, such as a neighbor, a friend, or a business colleague, is making accusations against you? Your first inclination might be to try to talk with the person and “sort things out,” because you know each other and it’s all just a big misunderstanding, right? Don't do it. A conversation like this could complicate matters even more between you and the accuser or alleged victim. You also could be accused of attempting to intimidate a witness. Talk to an attorney if you really believe that communicating with the accuser or alleged victim could resolve the matter, but don’t take matters into your own hands.(1)