Today : Fri 25 May 2018

15 injured, 70 arrested as protesters evicted from Mexican oil plant

Mon 09 Jan - 10:58
A police operation to evict protesters from a storage terminal of Mexican Petroleums in the state of Baja California, northwest Mexico, on Saturday left at least 15 people injured, including several federal police officers, and 70 detained.
15 injured, 70 arrested as protesters evicted from Mexican oil plant

According to Rapporteur Report From, EFE, Clashes began on Saturday morning when police forces began evicting protesters who were demonstrating against rising fuel prices in Mexico and had obstructed access for several days to this strategic point of the Pemex state oil company.

Among other incidents, a vehicle belonging to a protester rammed into several officers, according to video images circulating on social networks.

"Unacceptable aggression suffered by elements of the Mexican Federal Police in Rosarito, Baja California. It will not go unpunished," Mexican Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio said on Twitter.

According to reports accessed by EFE, the confrontation ended with at least 15 wounded - including eight federal policemen - and 70 detainees, mostly settlers.

The injured also included three local reporters who, according to El Universal, were attacked by policemen while they were covering the eviction of the Pemex station.

Over the past week, Mexicans have been carrying out violent protests against rising gasoline prices of between 14 percent and 20 percent.

Acts of vandalism and looting of shops have also taken place during the protests, something that until Friday had left six dead and at least 1,500 arrested.

Peaceful protests also took place on Saturday in various parts of Mexico.