Today : Mon 19 Aug 2019

Merkel covets to Saudi petrodollars

Mon 01 May - 14:56
Merkel's visit to Riyadh comes as that for the third consecutive year the German arms exports to Saudi Arabia increased.
Merkel covets to Saudi petrodollars

Rapporteur- Farbod Dehghani: German Chancellor comes to UAE and Saudi Arabia to exchange comments on regional issues with the authorities of these  countries. Although, according to German officials, human rights and the war in Yemen are the main reasons of Merkel travel to Saudi Arabia, but experts say that she is trying to sell more weapons to the Saudi regime .

Western countries whom have always shown their self as human rights defendor, are now silent on Saudi regime warcrimes against Yemen,  and are racing together to sell more weapons to the Saudi regime.

Saudi Arabia enforces a conservative dress code in public, requiring women to wear a full-length robe and cover their hair, in keeping with other restrictive laws including a guardian system limiting women's movement and a ban on driving.

Foreign visitors have not always followed the protocol, and Ms Merkel follows the footsteps of Ms May, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Ms Merkel has called for the burqa to be banned in Germany, saying it was "not acceptable in our county". "It should be banned, wherever it is legally possible," Ms Merkel said.

Last week, the German parliament voted for a draft law banning women working in the civil service, judiciary and military from wearing full-face veils. Burqas and niqabs will be prohibited in selected professions as part of .the legislation, once approved by the Bundesrat state parliament. (1)